It may be where we close our eyes to go to sleep, but bedrooms are much more than that. Our bedrooms are where we want go to feel a sense of release and calm after a long day at work. Our bedrooms turn into the oasis that we need to relax, so why not design your bedroom to be just that.

We all want our bedrooms to look like it was out of an Ikea catalogue. This isn’t always the case when trying to mimic the Swedish interior gurus. How did they so perfectly match that rug and duvet cover?

I’m going to help you how to create the luxury bedroom you deserve with these 3 simple tips.

1. Picking the Right Paint For Your Luxury Bedroom

Paint is considered to be the focal point in any room and a mood can be drastically altered due to the colour. But choosing the right colour for your bedroom shouldn’t be difficult. How do you choose the right colour for your luxury bedroom?

Consider these tips:

Size of your Bedroom

Be conscious of the size of your bedroom when creating the luxury bedroom you’ve been dreaming of. Darker colours absorb more light which makes rooms look smaller. Small rooms tend to need soft toned colours (creams, taupes, off-whites); while larger rooms can handle darker and more vibrant colours. Having monotone colours on the walls of a small bedroom with accent colour pieces in your bedding or art will make your bedroom look bigger in the long run.


Reflect on the overall mood that you want your bedroom to portray. If you want your bedroom to have a calm, zen feeling attached to it you will want to choose more monotone colours to ease your mind when you walk into the room. Choosing shades of grey, white, and taupe will lead you towards the soothing oasis you are trying to create.

Angela Wright,  a colour psychologist, has determined that colour profoundly affects your behaviour. If you’re looking for more of an active, get-you-out-of-bed feeling for your bedroom, consider selecting brighter colours for your bedroom. Primary colours with a higher saturation will stimulate and balance your mind, body, and emotions and are sure to get you out of bed without trouble.


How do you combat the poor amount of natural light coming into your bedroom? Picking the right colour will enhance the lighting and make your room look and feel the way a luxurious bedroom should feel. If you have little to no natural light coming into your bedroom consider picking colours similar to greys and whites to keep it bright, but you can also consider using a  lavender shade to keep your room feeling airy and light.

2. Choosing Luxury Bedding

The bed is the second focal point that will grasp attention, so having the right bedding will determine if you’re bedroom is considered luxurious. We all love jumping into a beyond comfortable bed, so how do you achieve this?


Purchasing the proper duvet and comforter is key to a successful and luxurious bed. Reflect for a moment and understand what type of sleeper you are. Do you run hot or cold while sleeping? Understanding your sleep patterns will determine what type of duvet you should be buying.

Luxurious bedding tends to lean towards a type of down duvet with a cover. This type of bedding would be warm overnight.

If you run hot during the night it’s best to go with a light type of cover. Quilts, linen or cotton are all great options to use for a great night sleep while looking as luxurious as possible.

If you’re interested in keeping your bedding funky with textures, patterns and colours then you must follow the rule of 3. The rule of 3 compliments how you should be choosing your patterns perfectly. Choosing 3 or more patterns that harmonize and balance one another will give your bedroom the luxurious look you’re trying to achieve.



How do you know what will look good together when choosing which patterns you want to incorporate? Choose your first pattern and know that this pattern is going to be the strongest element in your design. It will be the main focal point of your bedding.

Your second pattern should be half the size of your first pattern and a different pattern, but be sure to stay within the same colour scheme. If you chose a floral print as your first pattern then perhaps a geometric shape would be best for your second pattern.

For your third pattern try adding a textured print to your design. It would compliment and tone down the rest of your bedding.



Let’s face it, we all like a little pillow talk now and then! But, how do you know what patterns, colours or textures to choose for throw pillows to make your bed undeniably luxurious?

After choosing your bedspread it’s important to pull the colours you want to incorporate into the pillows but to make sure it’s not overwhelming for the eyes. If you have a solid coloured bedspread, it’s best to choose more patterns for your pillows to give your bed something a little extra.

If you have chosen a floral bedspread try adding solid, textured colours. Apply the rule of 3 to your pillow choices as well. Having numerous pillows with multiple textures and colours will give your bed the look it needs!

Red Patterned Pillows for Luxury Bedroom

3. Luxury Decor


Adding plants into your space adds a sense of balance and unity. The colour green subconsciously balances our bodies, so adding a few plants will benefit you in the long run. Plants will make a room look cleaner and polished and add a calming effect. 

Add To Your Walls

Don’t keep your walls bare! Adding to your walls will intensify the warmth and cosiness of the room. Artwork has always screamed luxury. Find your favourite local artist and ignite the room with a new level of luxury. Consider designing a gallery wall filled with your own inspirations. Gallery walls are a trendy and fun way to fill your luxury bedroom.

Area Rugs

Give your toes some luxury as well and pick an area rug that’s sure to connect to your luxury bedroom dreams! How do you know what size of a rug to get for your bedroom? HGTV’s Karl Lohnes’ rule of thumb is to find a rug that is two feet shorter than the smallest wall in the room. Add it beneath your bed, near your dresser or under an armchair to boost your luxury levels even higher. 

You can sleep well tonight knowing a few tricks to the trade! But for more on how to create your dream luxury bedroom and more – check out my services!

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