An in-depth understanding of Feng Shui can take significant study, subtle effort to an interior design can be made over time to arrange the elements of your home to reap the benefits of your mental well-being.

Feng Shui Benefits on Mental Health and Well-being:

  1. Significant improvement in quality of sleep.
  2. Organization and efficiency from reduced or eliminated clutter.
  3. Developing an affinity with nature.
  4. Boosts positivity.
  5. Improved mood stability through colour harmony.
  6. Manifesting personal goals through symbolic themes.

For many people, better sleep is important. For this reason, revitalizing the bedroom might be the best place to start. For others, focusing on family gatherings and family time is key, so creating harmony in the family room, dining room, or den might be the place to start.

With some attention to detail and a little research, converting your first room in the house could make a significant change in any disharmony that is felt throughout your home. Even one positive thought creates millions of positive vibes only.

Here are some of the essential basics of Feng Shui interior design that you’ll need to know to prime you for harmonizing your home’s ch’i:

Yin and Yang

The concept of Yin and Yang is simple to understand. It is the balance between the Yin, the soft, passive, dark; and Yang, the hard, aggressive, light. As the two are combined equally, harmony is felt within it.

Here are some Yin and Yang ideas to get you started:


  1. Soft furniture, pillows, rugs.
  2. Flowing shapes, or curved objects.
  3. Limited light, window shades.


  1. Objects with straight lines or angles
  2. Wood objects, furniture, floors for warmth
  3. Less furniture, or hard, angular furniture.
  4. Well lit

The basis for Yin and Yang comes from feminine and masculine qualities, Yin being feminine and Yang is masculine. It doesn’t mean that a room that focuses on Yin is for just women. Both concepts are intended to be balanced, so there is harmony, throughout a house.

The 5 Elements and The Bagua

The five elements is a principle for categorizing colours in relation to nature’s elements. For example, red is attributed to the element of fire. Here is a brief description of the 5 elements:

Earth: light yellow – sandy colours – light brown

Water: blue – black Metal: white – greyWood: green – brown

Fire: red – pink – intense yellow – purple – orange

Next, The Bagua is the traditional application of combining natural elements to address the balance and harmony needs of the home, as well as bring forth in its inhabitants, a specific set of qualities and characteristics.

The Bagua is a region comprised of South, Southeast, and Southwest; North, Northeast, Northwest; East and West. Each region represents a specific organization of elements to develop a particular ideal.


Fire/Red Representation: Fame, Reputation, Illumination, Clarity, Integrity Climate: Hot


Wood/Purple Representation: Prosperity, Fortunate Blessings, Appreciation and Gratitude Climate: Warm


Earth/Pink Representation: Love, Partnership, Receptivity, and Openness Climate: Warm


Water/Black Representation: Mission, Life Journey, Purpose, and Courage Climate: Cold


Earth/Blue Representation: Inner knowledge, Self-improvement, Stillness and Introspection Climate: Cool


Metal/Grey Representation: Unseen Assistance, Travel, Benevolence, and Synchronicity Climate: Cool


Wood/Green Representation: Elders, Community, Group support, and Strength Climate: Mild


Metal/White Representation: Children, Future, Joy, and Inspiration Climate: Mild

If you’re looking to choose a theme for your home using a particular element, you should feature the dominant colour associated with that region. Furthermore, the climate or season related to each region should not contain elements that do not represent that season, or are destructive to its cycle. For instance, to approach the Fire-South region, you would not include much blue or water because water naturally puts out fire.

Traditionally, it is essential that the front door of your home is the dominant colour of your chosen Bagua region.

A little tip about some of these colours: You may not want to have a big pink or purple door, so subtle shades of these colours may work best. A big, bright pink door might be a little more telling than you’d think.

The Tao of Feng Shui – Interconnectedness and Flow

Achieving a Feng Shui approach that works for your home is not simple, but it is, very logical. In order to unify all of these elements, overseeing how the overall connectedness of each individual piece or colour, texture or shape, is going to decide whether the home design works or not.

The overall design is comparative to the Tao (which means “the path”, or “the way”). Our goals as we design, is to feel the effects of the design intention, as we become attuned to our surroundings.

If we would like to be a person with integrity, clarity and good reputation, our intended feng shui will help us achieve this because we are influenced by what we see. The people who visit, or spend time in our surroundings will also feel the effects of the Feng Shui. Our interest to make a change to the harmony of our lives will attract others as well.

But, in order to achieve the intended outcome from the design, any elements that do not promote the intended results will eventually make the effects of the Feng Shui stagnant over time. Pictures of decay, obscenities, or hanging dead animals, or displaying weapons will cause a dissonant harmony within the home.

It is important to understand the symbolic message that each piece of our home represents. As we acquire an understanding of the pieces making up a design, we logically develop an overall connection from a few things to the whole feeling we have as we adapt to our surroundings.

One last point about Chi and Tao: Always replace, repair, or remove:

  1. Things you don’t like
  2. Things that are broken
  3. Things that are cluttered

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