Holiday parties are right around the corner and although this is an exciting time for most, us party hosts are starting to sweat. Where are the Santa plates and matching red glasses? Do I have to pull out the old Christmas decorations from the basement again? We start to ask ourselves these questions and the answers may send us into a panic. If this holiday season is creating more stress in your life than joyful cheer,  It might be time for some new decor ideas. You’re in luck because there are many unique simple trends that will impress your family or any guests you have over this holiday season. From the entryway to the dining room table, this blog will give you all the trendy ideas you need to turn your house into a spectacular Christmas miracle.

The Window

A Christmas decorated window is a cozy way to display your lights while having them also shine inside your house. String lights are cute and different than your next door neighbours light display on the roof of their house. Hang wreaths, ornaments and even snowflakes in the window along with your beautiful LED string lights of choice. Dress up as many windows in your home as you would like- the possibilities are endless!  

Entry Way

Try putting a small Christmas tree out on the front porch or even your traditional Christmas tree and skip out on any other lights that wrap your house. It will keep your hydro bill down and give your house that Scandinavian cottage look. Remember, most trendy Christmas looks require minimal decorations but make your house look unique and cozy. Wreaths are also great for the front door but don’t just put one, try two or maybe even three. Remember to keep the decor simple and make sure the wreaths all match. My advice is to try bushy green wreaths with little detail all in a row vertically down your door. If you have double doors, double the wreaths and try putting one or even two on each door.


Bushy green garlands are beautiful for the railing of the stairs. Add some thick white string for bows, white LED lights and a few white stockings to make it a nice blended look. If you don’t want to rush out to buy some garlands and you can’t find any left over from last year, you may want to put wreaths on the side of the stairs instead.  Get creative and my advice is to keep your colours white and green.

Christmas Tree

The location of your tree is the Christmas focal point for your guests. The tree can be the most magical part of your Christmas decor style if designed correctly. Wrap ribbon the same colour as your stockings around the tree if it’s located by your fireplace or stairs. Tree stands are so yesterday, and you might not be able to find yours in the old holiday clutter. If that’s the case, take a look at these trendy alternatives! Add different sized ornaments to your tree while keeping a colour pattern for a balanced but fun look. If your goal is for a more green and earthy appeal, try to keep all ornaments off of your tree and just keep it simple. Put some white LED lights or just let it be a normal, yet beautiful tree. If you choose to have a real tree, remember to put a tree skirt to collect the needles that fall.

Fireplace Mantel

Whether you have a chimney attached to a fireplace or not, still set it up trendy enough to impress Santa. Hang stockings up for all your family members, if you didn’t put them on the stairs already. Mix up your stockings by having a pattern of two different kinds of material such as knit, faux fur or plaid. Add a chalkboard to lean up against one side of your fireplace to keep track of how many days until Christmas. If numbers aren’t your strong suit,  just write a merry message or your favourite Christmas card greeting. Add two mini trees on top of your mantel or some garland if you want to keep it green. Keep your logs on hand by putting them in a steel bucket with handles. It’s festive, matches all the green and is an easy way to store your firewood.

Dining Room

The Christmas meal takes place in this room and you want to have all your essentials available while still impressing guests with your decor. Add candles, pine tree leaves and acorns on top of a white tablecloth. Have large plates with utensils ready for your guests to eat their dinner on. Keep your food in the kitchen to ensure your decor stays clean and there aren’t too many items on the table while your guests are trying to eat.

Stop wishing for a Christmas miracle and work to create your own! Whether you want to keep earthy tones or you prefer more colour accents, I hope you found a neat idea in this blog that can help you design your perfect winter oasis. Christmas is my favourite time of the year and I love decorating homes for this wonderful season. If you would like my expertise on more Christmas decorating ideas please contact me! I would love to chat with you about your holiday party and how you can impress your guests year after year. As Andy Williams would sing, “There’ll be parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting and carolling out in the snow.” Have a great holiday season with your family and friends!

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