Do you ever notice those Pinterest boards labelled “DIY interior decorating dreams” just keep getting longer and longer; and those dreams of a self-made beautifully decorated house are staying just that, as dreams? You’re not alone.  Although those late-night pins after a few glasses of wine make you feel like you can conquer the world and that the possibilities with recycled wooden pallets are endless; the reality is all these DIY interior decorating projects take a LOT of time, skills, and tools to accomplish. Time that either we don’t have in a day, or that…let’s be honest, we would rather spend drinking wine, pinning, and relaxing. So for those summer décor trends, let’s try a different strategy.

I’m here to tell you a hard truth to accept: when adding up all the time, money spent on tools and money spent on the actual product you want to refurbish, it adds up to about the same or more money than you would spend on an interior decorator.

Here are 3 reasons why you should hire an interior decorator to accomplish your DIY dreams:

1.DIY Projects Can Be A Letdown

Same man, two pictures. One sad face and one happy face

The title is pretty self-explanatory for this one. We’ve all had our Pinterest dreams crushed, usually after the first or second Pinterest DIY project we attempt. Blogs have touched on this subject time and time again, and it’s always funny to read about, but not so funny when you’re covered in chalk paint crying trying to figure out why your dresser looks more like a cat attacked it than antique.

2. DIY Project + Life = Double Amount of Time 

Let’s take a common example of a DIY interior decorating project and go through the realities of how much time it will take for you to accomplish it; refinishing your outdated dresser to give it a rustic antique look by using chalk paint. Most DIY interior decorating blog posts make it seem like it is a fun afternoon project, and you have all the materials laying around anyways; so why not?

Woman sitting with hands on her head with multiple clocks around her

Well, let’s break this down for a minute while taking our rose-coloured glasses off. You wake up Saturday at 9 am bound and determined to start and finish this DIY interior decorating project.

You’re making coffee, and start gathering all the items you need. You realize that your kids left the paint brushes filled with paint and are now rock solid. You realize you need to buy new paint brushes for this project.

Start your list: new paint brushes.

Next, you sit down to drink your coffee and get distracted by the new Facebook posts that are brought about by Friday night festivities. You look up, it’s been an hour. 

 Start again gathering your materials for the project, but you cannot find sandpaper ANYWHERE.

Add sandpaper to the list.

The sound of your children wakes you up at 10 am and aggressively remind you that you promised banana pancakes. After the pancake debacle, cleaning the kitchen, you look at the clock…it’s past noon.

You start to clean the dresser to prepare it for your DIY interior decorating project. You get a sliver.

It’s now 1 pm, you got the sliver out, and decide it’s time to go buy your supplies.

Time to head to the store to buy your new paintbrushes and sandpaper and while you’re out, your husband calls you and reminds you to pick up an extra five things on the grocery list.

You head home and realize you forgot to buy the paint.

SIGH, you let out a frustrated giggle, and promise yourself that you will finish it tomorrow.

Little do you know, you forgot that tomorrow was your cousins baby shower.

Are you starting to see why I say the DIY time equation is usually time expected x2 + life? I thought so.

3. Pinterest Does Not Make You An Expert

Sure, all those boards give you an idea of what is trending in home décor and how to achieve that in an affordable way; but what they don’t tell you is the amount of experience it takes to actually implement all those trends in a way that won’t make your home look like the inside of an IKEA where all rooms look like a different home and have no consistent style. Just like how googling your symptoms doesn’t mean you are a doctor; googling your home décor doesn’t mean you are a designer.

Green walled operating room

Too many conflicting styles, textures, and vibes can actually take away from the interior décor of a home. It takes an expert to see your vision, enact it in a way that flows from room to room, and make sure that the style won’t be out of trend within a year.

Did I crush your dreams yet? I hope not! The fact that you are even looking into decorating your home is a good sign; I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, first impressions are important and that includes your home. The time, money, and frustration that you will feel when attempting to accomplish all these DIY projects on your own will equal out to about the same that it would cost for my professional, experienced interior design services. Trust me when I say it will be a much more pleasant experience.

Don’t give up on your DIY interior decorating dreams, contact Darcie Edgar Designs today to find out how I can make your décor dreams come true on an everyday budget.

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