Halloween is a holiday based around horror movies, frightening decor, and it’s also the second-best time of the year to sell your house according to RE/MAX Canada.  Selling your home can be a scary process, but don’t spook away your potential buyers with common home staging mistakes. Take the correct approach to showcasing your home by having potential buyers tricked into feeling treated when coming to visit your open house.

What is home staging?

First impressions can be spine-chilling, especially because you usually only have one chance to make a positive one. Just like you, your house has one chance to make a good and lasting first impression on potential buyers. Home staging is an interior design tool that is used to create the perfect home and leave an excellent first impression. It’s a way to showcase your house for its best value, not the way it’s actually used by you and your family. Staging creates a necessary illusion which shows your potential buyers their dream home. Don’t let your skeletons in the linen closet haunt your dreams of potentially selling your house in half the time of your expected outcome. According to the National Association of Realtors Research Department, “Thirty-nine percent of sellers’ agents stated that staging a home greatly decreases the amount of time the home is on the market”.

 home staging living room idea for potential buyers

Who are your potential buyers?

Close your eyes and decide exactly who you imagine living in your home. Is it young singles? New families? Large families with in-laws? It’s important to come up with a specific audience who you’re trying to stage your house to impress. What you think looks homey and inviting, may not be the same for your potential buyers. They need to walk into their new house and imagine their new memories. This is the trickiest part about staging, remembering that you will probably need to rearrange a lot of ‘normal’ items around your household. Depersonalizing may be the hardest, most emotional part of staging your home. Putting away any family photos, calendars, impressive report cards on the fridge. Sadly, it all needs be tucked away. It’s challenging to imagine your family in the place of another when you are very obviously in their home. It needs to be a home that belongs to no one, except the potential buyer.

The importance of colours

Why is Fall one of the most beautiful seasons? Because of natures outstanding colour palette of course! Certain colours have a direct effect on mood and could make or break your stage home.  Do you want to make a room in your house appear bigger? Want people to feel hungry in your kitchen? It’s easy, let’s change the colours! From the ceiling to the floor, you need to ensure that anywhere potential buyers look they always like what they see.  Properly mixing shades and making the perfect combination in accordance with the decor is key when staging your home properly. 

fall leaves -to give inspiration about impressive colours for potential buyers

Be a perfectionist

Don’t forget, your house is your stage. From the outside to the inside, your home needs to be in amazing condition. You can embrace the autumn season with modern, clean decor for your front doorstep or porch.  Although guests love a good scare on the night of October 31st or for your annual Halloween costume party, keep it simple for staging. There’s a fine line between decorating correctly and creating unnecessary clutter.

fall decor on front porch for potential buyers


What image are you trying to convey? We want guests to imagine their friends over for a bbq on your back deck during a crisp fall evening. Having a wine tasting gathering paired with cheese boards at the kitchen island. Entertaining their family at the dining room table for Thanksgiving dinner. Their future child playing with friends in your upstairs guest room. Having a modern look for each room and a clear image of what you want it to say to the buyer is the key to great staging. Don’t let guests question if this is the master bedroom, it must be a clear statement. Make the function of each room obvious and be sure to not send a mixed message about the purpose of the room that is being viewed.

Don’t be spooked

Home staging is a challenging process and you shouldn’t be scared to ask for the help you need. I understand that selling your home is an overwhelming experience from start to finish. You have so many other things to worry about, let me deal with the staging while you sit back and relax.  Get rid of your fear because help is here and I promise we can do this together. I will help you get started with a consultation and we can create a personalized plan. Have potential buyers FALL in LOVE with your home.



For this Halloween, let’s dress up your house as the most wanted house on the market. I will find the perfect balance of pictures, decor and furniture while incorporating functionality for everyday life. Each room will stand out properly and your entire house will have an amazing ambience. From the pictures to virtual tours and open houses, your stage home will leave potential buyers in awe. Please feel free to message me with any of your questions! I would love to speak with you about all of your interior design needs.

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