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After realizing my dream of becoming a local interior decorator, I knew that I would have to get inspired by local businesses throughout my community. I decided to take a walk through downtown Barrie and see what local inspiration I could get. When I stopped to admire the scene I found unique combinations of colour and patterns. Local businesses use these to get customers attention, therefore still portraying their brand in the way they want.

Local Café  

So from Maple Ave, I headed West on Dunlop and started to observe my surroundings. My first stop was actually on Maple Ave in Barrie and was a small, shabby chic café called Lazy Tulip Café. What caught my attention was the consistency of using colours. It gives off the vintage feel, while certainly using “attention-getting” colours. They used red, beige, and a charcoal grey colour palette on their sign, door, awning, and tables. This reminds me of how I tend to choose a bold colour, accompanied with more neutral colours to add character to old farmhouse style kitchens. Choosing the right bold colour to accent a room is important and generally a foundational part of my inspirational process.

The Local Gastropub 

Next stop, on my way to Dunlop, was the Local Gastropub. This is located on the corner of Maple and Dunlop St W. What caught my attention was the restaurants’ unique ability to open up their enormous sliding windows to create an outdoor dining experience. It completely changed the environment of the restaurant, giving an otherwise dark space a light, airy, and welcoming feel. It reminded me of how much the addition of large sliding doors or two beautiful French doors can completely change the feel of the room. This particular restaurant’s features have inspired me to utilize a completely retractable Gally window wall. Thus creating an indoor/outdoor feel for a living room and deck walkout space. Having the ability to slide back a section of your wall can completely transform your home. Therefore, creating a whole new version of your living space to enjoy.

Local Italian Restaurant 

Next stop on Dunlop was Baccio Trattoria. This is a local homemade Italian and Roman cuisine restaurant located on Dunlop St West in Barrie. There were a few things that initially inspired me when I first walked in. One is the completely open front end, similarly to the Gastropub with their retractable doors. Next was the unique hanging light fixtures. They seemed to pull together the whole style of the restaurant. It reminded me of how impactful a unique fixture can be. Investing in a unique light fixture is well worth the sometimes-hefty price tag.

Yes, We Have A Local Fondue Bar! 

Is it fondue or FUN-DO? FunDoozies Fondue Bar and Eatery has the perfect curb appeal to represent the unique experience of their restaurant. The black paint provides a perfect canvas for the bright murals along the exterior walls of the building. This inspired me to remember the impact that a unique mural can add to the decoration of any home. Now, I’m not telling you to get your artistic daughter to paint a picture on the main wall of your living room. This is me telling you that a professionally designed and painted mural can add a unique focal point to your home.

So there you have it, a short walk down the main street of your community can often lead to BIG ideas. I never fully realized that I have gained inspiration from everyday life and was secretly redesigning every room in my head.

Feeling inspired? Message me, let’s take a walk and find out what inspires you so we can make all your interior decorating dreams come true!

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