Christmas Decor Ideas For Your Entire House

Holiday parties are right around the corner and although this is an exciting time for most, us party hosts are starting to sweat. Where are the Santa plates and matching red glasses? Do I have to pull out the old Christmas decorations from the basement...

Trick or ReTreat to Your Own “Bathroom Spa”

If you’re looking to indulge your sweet tooth on something more than candy corn, mini KitKat bars and vampire gummy teeth this Halloween season, then look no further. The search for “bathroom spa” is gaining popularity in the last year with resort-inspired decor,...

The Basic Essentials of Feng-Shui

An in-depth understanding of Feng Shui can take significant study, subtle effort to an interior design can be made over time to arrange the elements of your home to reap the benefits of your mental well-being. Feng Shui Benefits on Mental Health and Well-being:...

Don’t Spook Away Your Potential Buyers

Halloween is a holiday based around horror movies, frightening decor, and it’s also the second-best time of the year to sell your house according to RE/MAX Canada.  Selling your home can be a scary process, but don’t spook away your potential buyers with...

3 Tips to Create a Luxury Bedroom

It may be where we close our eyes to go to sleep, but bedrooms are much more than that. Our bedrooms are where we want go to feel a sense of release and calm after a long day at work. Our bedrooms turn into the oasis that we need to relax, so why not...

Local Inspiration for Interior Decorating

After realizing my dream of becoming a local interior decorator I quickly knew that some of the design work I did for my clients was inspired by local businesses throughout my community.  After realizing this, I decided to take a walk through downtown Barrie..

DIY Dreams Becoming Reality

Do you ever notice those Pinterest boards labelled DIY keep getting longer and longer; and those dreams of a self-made beautifully decorated house are staying just that, as dreams? You’re not alone…

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