There’s two kinds of thanksgiving people: turkey people and ham people. Yeah sure, maybe you would eat both if both were available, but if you had to choose just one…

Just like turkey vs. ham, during these holiday seasons there are two types of decorators; modern or rustic. Yeah sure, there are mixes of both and those terms are probably too general, but for the sake of short and sweet; we’re going to sat modern vs. rustic…what would you choose for this Thanksgiving?

“If people are too busy looking at your beautiful Thanksgiving dinner table set up, the turkey will automatically taste better…right?!”

Let’s start with modern. You’re looking to WOW your guests with your trendy décor and out of the box centerpieces. You are looking for that “Woah, I would have never thought to do that! But that’s awesome!” sort of reaction to your dinner table this season. Forget the typical reds, oranges, and browns for your colour theme this year…those won’t get their jaws dropping.


  1. Opposites attract. Think metals with nature. Wood with Iron. Wooden plates with big brassy cups. Vintage brass tapers. Golden accents with pine greenery.
  2. All white. Instead of doing the typical orange, red, brown fall palette; think crisp white. Paint your pumpkins white, grab some white flowers, candles, and BAM! Modern.
  3. Matte black and gold. This is really trendy right now. The combination automatically adds a sophisticated flare to any purchase. Then, throw in some greenery to step it up a notch.

Okay great. Now that we all know how to set up a Thanksgiving dinner table like you’re a member of the Kardashian family, you can all rest easy.

No? A modern thanksgiving not your cup of tea? Don’t worry – you’re not alone!

If you’re looking for your guests to feel warm, cozy, and festive; you’re going to want to go the rustic route. Combining traditional fall colour palettes with pumpkins and warmth that just speak to you and your memories of Thanksgiving.


  1. Think red, orange, brown, wood, pumpkins, leaves, just GO FOR IT! This is the one time of year where all those colours go together seamlessly without being “too much”. You can have a red table cloth with pumpkins, and a big ole’ autumn centerpiece.
  2. You can still go rustic with a modern twist. Create a centrepiece from a pumpkin and combine things like wheat, pine cones, and unfinished wood pieces to give you that rustic look without having to buy too many other things.
  3. Go full on barnyard rustic. Add things like hay, wheat, pumpkins, corn, and everything natural you can get your hands on to give your table that rustic feel.

Now, these are just a few tips. If you really want to impress your family this year, message me! You don’t need the added stress of trying to accomplish this on your own, at least for the first time. That’s what I’m here for!

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