If you’re looking to indulge your sweet tooth on something more than candy corn, mini KitKat bars and vampire gummy teeth this Halloween season, then look no further. The search for “bathroom spa” is gaining popularity in the last year with resort-inspired decor, which makes you wonder if health and happiness are becoming more of a necessity and less of a fad. So, how can we turn your normally utilitarian room into your own place of solitude?
As you become more attuned to your own wellness, we will integrate design solutions to compliment it.

Image of a leaf talking about creating your own bathroom spa

Muted grey-greens

They are appearing, and I’m not talking about the gross kind donning the likes of Zombie nation. These Earthy sage-green neutral tones and bright pastels are now replacing pure white, minimalist beige and stone colour palettes, in a visibly pleasing way. Whether or not this tone works for you, we will work together to find that special colour scheme as a form of self-expression in your personal space. For the environmental conscious, going green this year means something a little different. According to the Star, a growing trend, (pun intended), is natural, recycled and sustainable products, which are becoming more affordable than ever. Walls and inanimate objects are going green and colourful in 2019, Pinterest searches are looking even greener with a huge interest in “Pattern Plants”, which has risen by +533 per cent.

These vibrant living organisms are becoming a major feature and accent, creating serenity and calm at a low cost for habitat conscious millennials and Gen-X.  If that isn’t enough for the wild at heart, patterned wallpaper is making a roaring comeback. Through innovation, its uses are expanding into the shower with liquid membrane technologies, making it resistant to yellowing and abrasive cleaning.  This new feature makes it possible to add graphics anywhere you’d like in the bathroom and we’ll show you the amazing potential of your new and improved “bathroom spa”.


Colour and paint really helps with setting a tone for the environment in your home, but there’s much more to it than that, namely a spiritual aspect of why people are searching for “bathroom spa”. We’re moving into this year with wellness being top of mind and more accessible than ever and what is more accessible than a tranquil retreat at home? We spend so much time preparing for a getaway that it can be difficult to enjoy once we’ve arrived. If you’re anything like me, you overthink things to death and pack everything under the sun. It can bring out the worry wort in all of us because we may have forgotten something seemingly insignificant like a face cloth that we won’t be able to live without for a few days.

Alright, face cloth, check! Once we get on the road, the inevitable pit stop, pee break, whatever it may be, which can put us in a funk that we need to shake off before we’ve reached our destination.  Eventually, we start to enjoy the time away and before you know it, it’s time to go. I will add, no matter how horrible that sounded, at some point we will need to get away from it all and it will be fun times for all.  For all of the other times in between trips, our design team is proposing some much-needed R&R at your all-inclusive resort at home.

It’s becoming more apparent that we have a renewed motivation for rest and mental well-being during the work week especially. Emphasis is being put on how the inside of your home feels and smells rather than how it looks. According to JWT’s Future 100, Deepak Chopra has partnered with New-York based real estate developer Property Markets Group and real estate wellness consultants to create the first ultra-luxury residences designed entirely around biological wellbeing and preventative health. If you’re planning that costume party, no need to use myrrh or frankincense to keep the spooky vibes going.

Look for musk, sandalwood and patchouli candles to fill the air; A nice addition to your already haunting atmosphere complete with fog machine. Unlike Halloween parties that require a large space for all your ghouls, goblins and Black Panthers, the increase in urbanization in the world is making cause for us as designers more than ever to become more creative in a smaller space.  Worlds are colliding in homes of today, separate spaces with entirely different functions that may start to overlap and as designers we’re learning how to accommodate this growing trend of Tiny House Nation uprising.

One of the aspects of a getaway spa is not having to do the work. Although the word “Maximalism” is being coined offering the idea that more is more; no kidding.  This reaction of obtaining an esthetic of surplus unlike “Minimalism”, which is still top of mind when creating an easy way to relax and maintain your space. Modern looks and less stuff means more affordability for putting money aside for a rainy day and little to no hassle time preparing for that Halloween party. Expect to be sweet on bright pigments and new metallic, such as rose and yellow gold.  However, don’t be afraid of the dark, black is the new matte black and it’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to design. Architectural framing shower entrances for that modern, impactful look create a nice homage to prowling black cats and stringy witch hair.

These are only a very small handful of interior bathroom trends that we will see being incorporated into a significant amount of homes this coming Autumn. There are more ways than one in which to make your “bathroom spa” a more relaxing and healthier addition to the candy-coated Halloween season. Like the kitchen in your home, the bathroom could and should offer more than just function for you as a homeowner, especially if there is potential to Reap the benefits when it’s time to sell. No worries with your all-inclusive bathroom resort getaway. My design team and I will offer the best advice when it comes to your upcoming bougie bathroom break.

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